There is already a lot of exciting work being done by all the ecosystem partners but very little documentation of their efforts. A visual repository of interviews will help us learn, document, and share their work with the larger community. Plus, as we all know, people would prefer watching videos instead of reading the same content. 

Tasks involve

  • Recording videos of leaders from corporates, NGOs, schools, colleges, intermediaries, etc.,where they talk about their best practices, key achievements, failures and challenges. 

Skills Required

  • Basic experience in recording videos 
  • Verbal communication (to coordinate/conduct interviews)
  • People skills (read: being able to work with the editor)

Note: We will NOT be providing a camera. You need to either use your own cameras or high-resolution phones would also do. 

Time Commitment

2-3 hours per week  

Duration (fixed/on-going):


Start Date: 15th January 2020 

End Date: 15th June 2020 


Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta, and Bangalore. 


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