Research for social Media


This opportunity requires the volunteer to research & source articles about individuals or organisations who benefited from philanthropic contribution. This opportunity is ideal for anyone exploring social sector for work opportunities and for employees with prior work experience who are looking to hone skills in social media or mass media communication.  

Tasks involve

  • Research and source stories online  
  • Identify charitable organisations that support people or causes addressing issues of concern.
  • Reach out to organisations and identify beneficiaries 
  • Create a post for our social media channels that showcases the positive outcomes from philanthropy

Skills Required

  • Online research
  • Ability to reach out to organizations seeking information
  • Comfort in contacting people directly without an introduction/connection
  • Use of online productivity tools - Google Spreadsheet, forms, etc 
  • Ability to work independently and in collaboration with other volunteers

Time Commitment

6-10 hrs a week

Duration (fixed/on-going):


Start Date: Immediately 

End Date: May 2020


Can work remotely, located anywhere in India  


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