Small Grants and support Programme


India Welfare Trust (IWT) provides 

1. Small Grants  and/or

2. Hands-on Support

to specific initiatives through involvement of our team. We promise quick responses to applicants who need our help- typically reverting within 48 hours but not more than 2 working days. We've also tried to keep our application process as simple as possible.

Please read through both the options listed below and apply to the one relevant to you.

Hands-on Support Programme

Our hands-on support includes helping organisations think through their financial model to help them achieve greater sustainability and efficiency. We ask a lot of questions that help you tweak your model. We help you think through your Theory of Change and Impact metrics. We also help make connections where we can. Please note that WE DO NOT provide any financial support under this initiative. If you are looking for financial support and hand holding support please read and apply under Small Grants Programme.

Small Grants Programme

India Welfare Trust provides small grants upto 2 lakhs to individuals and registered non-profits. Please read our criteria carefully before applying to understand if your request meets the same. 

What we don't fund 


  1. Regular programmes or programmes that are expanding and scaling (these are better suited for larger foundations, CSR and retail donors to support) 
  2. Programs or ventures that can, "Pay for themselves including initial investment"  (these initiatives should access loans, equity or simply charge their users a little more to recover the capex or initial investment)
  3. Old ideas in a new bottle (Thousands, if not millions, of people have created curricula for K-12 education, skills training, therapies for people with disability or have set up handicraft & textile centres to provide livelihood sustainability. Unfortunately, everyone believes that their curriculum or their approach is unique. Our sense is that the challenge in all these areas is not new IP, but simply being able to effectively scale existing initiatives)
  4. Early stage incubation of a startup  (there are several incubators out there offering support to startups- not only money but rich training and hands-on mentoring, guidance, etc. We believe we will not add much value to such enterprises)
  5.  Initiatives with limited potential and scope for scale (our intent is to use our limited resources for disproportionate impact) 
  6. Personal Grants (for any individual needs including medical help or educational loans or scholarships)

What we will fund 

Many may wonder, if we won't fund regular operations or scaling of regular operations, or trying pre-tested ideas or even completely new startups, exactly What WILL we fund? We try to share below, some types of requests that we would seriously consider. 

Will fund initiatives that need ONE TIME EXPENSES that can provide at least 500-1000x social return. What kind of initiatives are those?

  1. Debottlenecking - Where for example approximately Rs 10 cr per annum worth of resources are available but a small 1-2 lakhs investment is preventing access to those resources 
  2. Catalyse paradigm changes that are not limited to impacting the direct beneficiaries 
  3. Innovations or pilots that require a small  "One-time expense" that can then be replicated or grown using regular support by an individual or organisation with proven ability to scale. The eventual large scale roll out potential must be worth at least Rs10-50cr p.a. (or 10000-10 million beneficiaries- depending on the cause).  
  4. Pilots that significantly improve efficacy, productivity or efficiency of existing solutions/approaches, in objective, measurable terms 


Additional criteria that need to be met

  1. We look for proven domain expertise, competence and ability to get things done at scale in the organisation/person requesting the grant.
  2. Very quick response times - We expect you to turn around and respond within 2 working days – in turn, we promise to do the same.
  3. Skin in the game- Individuals whose net worth exceeds Rs2cr (or organisations whose founders have a net worth >Rs2cr) are not eligible unless they have already committed 20-30% of their wealth or income to the cause themselves.
  4. Focus- We expect the project lead to be doing this full time or near full time