We do not have current openings but are always excited to hire high quality talent and can even craft a role around your core competence, in our area of work. If you are fit any of the profiles below, please feel free to send your CV to us at indiawelfaretrust at gmail dot com. 

  1. The Numbers Person- you are highly data driven in your approach, have the ability to create a framework to understand every problem, very good with spreadsheets, number crunching, analytical thinking, and structured, logical reasoning. You are either an IIT/IIM/IISER/top B-school/Engineering grad OR have scored 95+% in Math at Class 12 level.
  2. The Relationships Person- you love meeting people, talking to them, connecting the dots and are adept at getting things done. You have at least 2-3 years' prior work experience.

Culturally, we are a VERY hard working organisation-  we work 9-6, Monday to Saturday. We're also highly focused on what we do, not getting distracted from our core work easily. But we also have a lot of fun and are extremely passionate about making a difference.

So, if that makes sense to you and you fit any of the above profiles, please mail your CV to indiawelfaretrust at gmail dot com.